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Commitment... Together!
Today's highly competitive business climate requires creative new approaches to increase productivity in motion control applications. Only through a committed long-term working relationship between the customer and the supplier at every business level will these objectives become a reality.

This committed approach to meeting a wide range of requirements for motion control solutions is a proven method for increasing productivity. The success of Infranor installations is based on the ability to develop specific systems that meet unique needs. At Infranor, we work together with our customers at every level from conception, planning, through design, prototype, and production. In addition, we focus our expertise to assist in bringing the product to market with full service and support for the life of the system. Infranor is committed to developing the value system for the job and supporting it with continuous improvements.


Customer Goals Infranor Solutions
  • Automate Mechanical Systems
  • Higher Throughput
  • Less Waste/Scrap
  • Minimize Setup
  • Increase Profit
  • High speed Registration
  • Tension Control
  • Application Expertise
  • Hardware/Software Solutions
  • Broad Product Line
  • Coordinated Development Plan
  • Established Specification for Design
  • Define Cost/Performance Criteria
  • Utilize Latest Servo Technology
  • Evaluate Efficient Solution
  • Maximize Value of Solution
  • Coordinate Market Requirements
  • Prototype Development & Test
  • Shorten Time to Manufacture
  • Establish Production Schedule
  • Direct Product/System Support
  • Implement Design Changes
  • Assure On-Time Delivery
  • Inventory Management Program
  • Position Product in Target Markets
  • Highlight Competitive Advantages
  • Set Market Pricing for Maximum Penetration
  • Assign Focus Team
  • Provide Training (on-site)
  • Continue Product Enhancements
  • Analyze Changing Market Needs
  • Define Next Generation Products
  • Continue to be Market Force
  • Commitment-Assist Customer with New Technologies for Market/Product Growth
  • Commitment... Together!