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(An Infranor Group Company)

Founded in 1970, CYBELEC was even from the start, able to establish itself as the true world leader in the field of numerical controls for sheetmetal forming. In this paticular field, principally in the areas of press-brakes, folder-presses, shears, deep drawing presses, wire-bending machines, flexible line cutter/punchers, robotized loader/unloader, special automatised bending line CYBELEC offer the most complete and highest performance range of numerical controls currently on the market.
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Trio Motion Technology
(A Technical Partner to Infranor)

Trio Motion Technology is an engineering company that has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality motion control products since 1987. With thousands of axes installed, Trio products can be found in virtually every servo and stepper motor application including material handling, medical, semi-conductor, automotive, and packaging. Our experience shows from the user-friendly multi-tasking operating system to the comprehensive TrioBASIC command set, to the powerful software tools supplied with each controller. Trio maintains a dedicated in-house design team to assure customers of quality products using cutting-edge technology. Trio is constantly pushing the envelope in technology and manufacturing to produce an unmatched line of stand-alone Motion Coordinator™ controllers. This is evident by the size and capability of the entire product line. Our products are available through a network of high-tech distributors worldwide.
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