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Successful new Product Development is a result of joining capabilities from Concept and Beyond. InfanorUSA provides engineering startup maintenance support for all North America. Product and technical support is also available through other worldwide Infranor channels.

Today's highly competitive business climate requires creative new approaches to increase productivity in motion control applications. Only through a Committed long-term working Relationship between Infranor and the Customer will the objectives become a reality.

    Customer Goals
  • Automate Mechanical Systems
  • Increased Throughput
  • Less Waste / Scrap
  • Minimize Setup / Service Time
  • Increase Profits
    Infranor Solutions
  • High Speed Registration
  • Tension Control
  • Application Expertise
  • Hardware / Software Solution
  • Committment - Together

Each center carries an inventory of product in support of major OEM customers as well as providing complete service and repair facilities for Mavilor motors and Infranor servo amplifiers and controls.

Web pages describing specific information on the Infranor company in your geographical area may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate company.

Product Releases
Mavilor DC Servo Motors For Improved Performance.
Mavilor Servomotors Designed For Use In Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.
Positioning Servo Drive Offers Economical, Software Driven Solution For Applications Requiring Simple Point To Point Moves.
Digital Servo Drives With Can Bus Communication Offer High Security Level In Integrated Control Systems.

Application Articles
Digital Servo Drives for Winding/Unwinding Applications.
Beating Torque Ripple in Brushless Servos.

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