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Mavilar DC MotorNew Mavilor Dc Servomotors Offer Improved Performance

The new MAVILOR MS Series servomotors from Infranor, Inc., provide a 20% increase in power to weight and volume ratios and a 20% increase in power rate and acceleration capability over previous designs. MAVILOR's unique, axial air gap dish armature is especially suited for high response servo drives. These motors offer high torque to inertia ratios and smooth non-cogging low speed velocity control. A rugged dish-shaped armature of copper wires encapsulated in epoxy assures high reliability and long thermal time constants.

C-E compliant and UL recognized, MAVILOR servomoters feature a compact, "Pancake" design, ratings to 6000 RPM, IP54 protection, zero cogging, EIA or optional NEMA mounting, and acceleration torques to 6X rated. Optional features include: IP65 protection; integrally mounted tachometers, encoders, or gearheads; and integral holding brakes (with no added length).