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Mavilar ServomotorsMavilor Servomotors Designed For Use In Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

MAVILOR Series EExd11C D.C./A.C. servomotors, from Infranor, Inc., are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. These axial air gap servomotors are housed in a flame proof enclosure. If gas gains access and is ignited within the enclosure, the resultant explosion will not damage the enclosure or be transmitted to any flammable atmosphere external to the enclosure. MAVILOR EExd11C servomotors comply with the requirements of Apparatus Group 11C specified in EN 50 018 (1977) + A1 to 3 and EN 50 014 (1977) + A1 to 5 and ATEX 94/9/EC. The temperature classification is T5 referred to an ambient temperature of 70(C.

Both the D.C. and the A.C. versions feature MAVILOR's compact, "Pancake" design. The A.C. models offer continuous torque ratings from 1 Nm to 32 Nm. With their unique "Pancake" fail-safe holding brake, these motors have the shortest length per torque rating of any available brushless servomotor. The D.C. models offer permanent magnets, low inertia, very high torque and speed, reduced weight and dimensions, and power ranges from 200 w to 4.3 Kw. Units are ready for options such as tachometer and holding brakes to be included within the motor's structure, without increasing the unit's length.