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Positionin Servo DrivePositioning Servo Drive Offers Economical, Software Driven Solution For Applications Requiring Simple Point To Point Moves

Infranor, Inc. has developed a digital servo drive with a full single axis positioner integrated within the drive. Designed for applications that only require one axis of servo control with simple point to point moves or basic motion profiles, the SMTBD1/m Positioning Servo Drive offers an economical, easy to set up, software driven approach to a variety of positioning applications. The software required to configure the system via a simple user interface is supplied free with the drive. The SMTBD1/m saves on wiring and setup time since there is no need to check whether the connections between the drive and the controller are correct, and the software incorporates a "real time" oscilloscope so performance of the system can be checked during and after tuning. Ideal for applications such as positioning tables, gantry systems, feed to length, or PCB drilling systems, the positioner is available in rack mounted or monoblock formats with power outputs from 2A to 35A continuous and 4A to 100A. The SMTBD1/m is CE compliant.

The SMTBD1/m uses a 16 bit DSP (digital signal processor) to control all the functions of the amplifier. A simple to use program with auto-tuning allows easy setup, and setup information for any given system can be stored on disk to assure repeatability and quick setup of a new drive or similar system. Since there is no potentiometer to be adjusted by nonauthorized personnel, the system is virtually tamper proof. Multi axis systems requiring no interpolation can be configured with a PLC hosting multiple positioning servo drives.