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Digital Servo DrivesDigital Servo Drives With Can Bus Communication Offer High Security Level In Integrated Control Systems

Infranor, Inc. has released the SMTBD1 Digital Servo Amplifier with CAN Bus communication for systems where the drive is to be more fully integrated into the control system. The SMTBD1 features a compact design, and CAN Bus provides a high level of data security at a low cost. The system offers high noise immunity and no digital/analog conversion is necessary. Parameters can be modified on the fly and installation costs are lower because less wiring is required. With CAN Bus, the system can send commands and data over the network to each individual drive and also interrogate them for any errors that may have occurred. The CAN Bus option is available as a proprietary Infranor version for OEM's who wish to design their own control system. Future developments will produce a protocol compliant with CAN Open.

Infranor's CAN Bus option features 8 synchronized axis in 2 ms, a simple protocol for any system, and 32 bit position command. The system also offers fast position feedback on the bus (less than 100 µsec.) and built-in position loop with 500 µsec. cycle time. CE compliant, the SMTBD1 includes a Windows® based program with autotuning, and with inclusion of the CAN Bus option, it is ideal for use in printing, packaging, converting, semiconductor wafer handling, and other applications utilizing control systems with integrated servo drives.