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slotless-dl17 Ways to Improve Machine Performance with Infranor’s XtraforsPrime Servo Motors!

We’ve identified at least 17 ways our new motors can improve your machine performance by improving machine throughput, finished product quality, and machine efficiency. We also identified several ways our motors will improve your machine development time.

We are so confident you will find additional ways our motors will benefit you we want to put one in your hands – FREE. Please sign up below to receive your FREE 60-day trial. If you aren’t thrilled with this new motor you can send it back.

Increased Throughput:

  • Zero Cogging
    • Higher precision / Machine tool apps at mid speeds
    • Faster contouring speeds / Interpolated applications such as laser cutting.
  • Slotless Design
    • High speed to improve throughput / Centrifuge
  • Quality Automated Manufacturing
    • Machine up time / Demanding military applications

Improved Finished Product Quality:

  • Zero Cogging
    • Coordinated contouring / Machine tool
    • High precision accuracy / Machine tool
    • Improved product finish quality / Glass or metal Grinding
    • Better sensory performance / Flight simulators.
    • Better tension control / Textile applications
    • Better finished good quality / Air bearing spindles for optical mirrors.
    • More precise measurements Rate tables control at low speed / Metrology, Encoder or Gyroscope testing
    • High speed, smoothness, and exact control during deceleration and at low speed / Medical Centrifuge, Semiconductor wafer processing

Better Efficiency:

  • High Torque Density
    • Reduce space / Clean room applications
    • Reduce complex mechanical components and machine weight / Pellet grinding
  • Slotless Design
    • High energy efficiency / Battery applications

Development Time:

  • Flexible modular design supports custom requirements
    • Exact fit / Applications requiring high levels of customization such as military applications
  • High inertia rotors
    • Fast commissioning time / Difficult tuning applications.
  • Fewer components
    • High speed range with one motor for application requiring good control over a wide range of speeds (up to 40,000 RPM) / Centrifuge, special grinding applications, wafer spinning.
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