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Infranor USA

Solving demanding applications for a variety of industries including: Warehouse Automation, Robotics, Semiconductor, and Flight Simulation

Innovative motors and drives yield improved motion performance.

Infranor USA combines the best in engineering and design for high-quality production level motors and drives, while having the flexibility to support custom applications.

  • Slotless motor technology
  • Auto tuning and auto phasing in all servo drives
  • Broad product range
  • Highly customizable solutions
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Robot Arm

Infranor Advantages

Quality products in the motion control industry for over 40 years. How can we help you today?

Systems Approach

Understanding the application as a system allows Infranor to go beyond the product.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Our experience allows us to custom engineer solutions for any application.

Proven Products

Innovative Infranor products are demanded worldwide.

Local Support

Broad network of local distributors, reps and integrators.

Global Support

Infranor spans the globe with offices and or partners in five continents supporting client's needs globally.

Service Driven

A product is a commodity but our commitment to service is the differentiator.

Featured Products

Infranor has thousands of products and product combinations of Motors, Drives, and Amplifiers.

Are you looking for professional advice?

At Infranor USA we are always open to a good conversation where we can provide value.

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