Drive 3D Files

Infranor Rotary Drive 3D CAD Files

Feel free to download the below STEP files to use in your CAD program to help in the designing process. Not all drive configurations or options will be present. For a specific drive model not found below please contact us.
You can download a free CAD file viewer by Dassault Systems here: eDrawings Download.

PAC HP Series 3D Models

PACHP 230V Standard

PACHP 400V 08-20A Standard

PACHP 400V 08-20A Cold Plate

PACHP 400V 08-20A Push Through

GDPS Power Supply Series 3D Models

GDPS 400V 16 to 32 kW

GDPS 400V 64 kW

Easy Series 3D Models

Easy 60Vdc Standard

Easy 230Vac Standard

PAC Safety Series 3D Models

PAC SF01 Standard

PAC Series 3D Models (PAC HP predecessor)

PAC 230V Standard

PAC 400V 08-20A Standard

PAC 400V 08-20A Cold Plate

PAC 400V 08-20A Push Through

PAC 400V 45A Standard

PAC 400V 45A Push Through

PAC 400V 45-100A Cold Plate

PAC 400V 100A Standard

PAC 400V 100A Push Through

Drive Braking Resistor 3D Models

Case 35 (dp 1/35 | dp 100/35 | dp 400/35)

Case 200 (dp 200/100 | dp 100/100 | dp 50/200)

Case 280 (dp 15/280 | dp 33/280)

Case 560 (dp 16.5/560 |dp 7.5/560)