S.A. Perrot, Duval & Cie takes over the exclusive agency for Switzerland for a new DC servo motor invented in Paris, which exists as a prototype. The servo motor is of flat, coreless design, with printed windings and a very low mass inertia. Perrot, Duval transfers the marketing rights to its own subsidiary Infranor SA


The first application of the motor is in a punched tape reader for numerical controls in machine tools.


First foreign subsidiary founded in Germany. This is followed in 1973 by what is today Infranor Electronics in Lourdes (France), then Infranor France and Spain in 1980, England in 1982, today's Mesa Automation in Berlin in 1984, and Holland in 1985.


Takeover of the "Amplifiers and controllers for servo motors" division from Alcatel.


Acquisition of Mavilor Iberica SA in Barcelona (Spain), founded in 1973 and later named Mavilor Motors SA. 1980 Infranor, Inc. (USA), originally founded by Perrot, Duval in 1961 for other purposes, takes over the marketing and distribution of Infranor servo systems in North America.


Infranor introduces the "flexible integrated automation system" on the market. This consisted of a programmable automatic machine, amplifiers and servo motors.


With the acquisition of the Eldynor department of Micro-Electric, Zurich, Perrot, Duval acquires the technology for flat AC servo motors.


Perrot Duval concentrates its "servo systems" activities in a subholding company "Infranor Inter AG". Infranor Inter AG is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange in Zurich (Switzerland).


Acquisition of Cybelec SA in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland), the global leading manufacturer of controls for metal forming machines.


Introduction of digital servo amplifiers.


Acquisition of Automotion, Inc., Ann Arbor (MI) in USA, developer and producer of servo amplifiers and motor drives for the American market.


Founding of an Infranor Representative Office in Shanghai (China).


Founding of Infranor Motion Control Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Combining the activities of the different companies in Germany and the Netherlands in Infranor GmbH Hanau, Germany. Combining the activities of the different companies in France in the company Infranor SAS in Lourdes.



Merger between Perrot Duval Holding SA with the under-holding Infranor Inter AG, Zürich.

Today, Infranor has become a world famous company which can be mostly attributed to its solutions for the motion control of machines, installations and
devices in most industry branches.