Infranor Explosion Proof Motors

Explosion Proof Options

We offer a few different motor series that can handle explosive environments. These motors will contain and trap any electrical spark, flame, or explosion that originated from inside the motor.

The XtraforsEx (MA and MS) series are axial airgap AC and DC servomotors housed in a flameproof enclosure. These motors are CE, ATEX zone 1 and 2, and Gas group IIC (Hydrogen) compliant. The MA and MS motors are only available for existing applications.

The N and T series are radial AC servomotors. These motors are ATEX zones 1 and 2 and CE compliant. Please take a look at the respective N and T pages for motor characteristics.

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  • Broad Range / Series
  • Explosion-Proof Design
  • Low Cogging
  • Stall Torque: 0.1 to > 200Nm Nm
  • Frame Size: 37 - 210 mm
  • Winding: 48 - 600 Vdc
  • CE Certification
  • ATEX Class 2


  • Flammable Environments
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Saw Mills
  • Chemical
  • Oil
Technical data

Please see the N or T series page for more information regarding technical data.

If you have an existing application that used the MA, or MS motor please contact us for more information.

Versions and Options

Please see the N or T series page for more details regarding options.