Infranor Latest Rotary Servo Motors

Our Latest Rotary Servo Motors: Unmatched Performance for Discerning Machine Builders

The Infranor line of brushless servo motors builds on our 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing. Our extensive product and application know-how, engineering skills, sourcing, and in-house flexible manufacturing has earned the trust and business of well-known machine builders in a variety of industries across the world.

Among the wide range of industries with highly dynamic applications that benefit from servo motion control are robotics, electronic assembly, semiconductor fabrication, test and packaging, machine tool, and more.


Introducing The Infranor Series Of Brushless Servo Motors

Tailored and implemented in close technical collaboration with the customer, Infranor’s latest brushless servo motors include slotless, segmented, skewed, and high-pole torque ring stator designs. Featuring the most advanced magnet technology and the ability to connect to various brushless servo drives, they deliver unmatched performance characteristics.

Slotless Brushless Servo Motor Series

The FP series utilizes a slotless design that eliminates the traditional winding teeth. It yields the highest torque at speed, zero cogging, and very high efficiency. These motors can be more costly to produce but provide premium attributes.

Power Dense Series Brushless Servo Motor Series

The N series features a segmented stator design. It yields high torque at typical operating speeds, is very torque-dense,  and cost-effective.

Highly Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor Series

The T series utilizes a skewed stator design that provides enhanced performance and reduced cogging. In addition to being cost-effective, this family features more options, including an inertia wheel.

Torque Motor Series

The BR series utilizes a high-pole count stator design that provides very high torque in a small low-profile lightweight package.

Compact Slotless Servo Motor Series

The FC series is our smallest range of slotless motors. The slotless technology allows for extremely smooth motion at very fast speeds. Combine all these benefits along with its size and you get a very compact and capable solution for handheld applications or space-constrained projects.

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