BL Series

The Brushless Series

The BL series is a three-phase servo motor with a traditional slotted stator that allows for high speed and torque. This series is still being sold to existing applications. Check out the LN and LT series for new applications.

  • Compact Size
  • High Torque
  • Low Inertia
  • High Speed
  • Stall Torque: 0.18 - 215 Nm
  • Frame Size: 30 - 270 mm
  • Winding: 48 - 600 Vdc
  • CE Certification


Technical data

Other frame size technical data are located in the documents below.

BL tech Data

BL Curves

Mechanical Dimensions

Other frame size dimensions and information are located in the documents below.

BL mech Data

Versions and Options
Standard Version
  • Resolver Feedback
  • Shaft With No Keyway
  • B5 Flange
  • Rear Facing Right Angle Connectors
  • PTC Thermal Sensor
  • Protection IP-65
  • CE Compliance
Standard Options
  • Encoder: Incremental, SinCos, Hiperface (Single or Multi-turn)
  • Shaft With Keyway
  • NEMA Flange
  • Straight, DSL, Flying Lead Cable
  • NTC, PT1000 Thermal Sensor
  • Protection IP-67 (Shaft Seal)
  • UL Compliance
  • 24Vdc Electromagnetic Brake
Customized Version
  • Windings
  • Shafts (i.e Hollow Shafts)
  • Flange, Housings
  • Connector Pinout
  • Frameless Motors
  • Explosion Proof (ATEX)
  • Customer Specific
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